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Let's Talk Romance: My Top 3 Picks for Romantic Dinner in Sagres

Updated: Jan 19

Hey there, fellow romantics!

Picture this – the salty breeze of Sagres, the sound of the waves, and a romantic dinner that's straight out of a dream, all happening right here in Sagres. Whether you're planning a photoshoot or just want to create some magical memories, let me take you through my personal Top 3 Restaurants that add that extra dash of love to your evening Sagres has an extraordinary culinary scene. Let me guide you through the top three restaurants that promise to elevate your evening,

  • Carlos Restaurant: Where Tradition Feels

  • Imagine candlelit tables, a cozy atmosphere, and the authentic scent of Portuguese dishes – that's Carlos Restaurant. Near Baleeira Port, it's my go-to haven for a genuine taste of Portuguese cuisine. From tender octopus to the great feijoada de Choco (cuttlefish) and exquisite monkfish, each dish feels like a warm hug from tradition. And oh, save room for dessert! Carlos is known for its great cakes, that hit all the right notes.

  • Fermento Sagres: A Modern Love Affair

  • Now, if you're leaning towards a more modern romantic vibe, Fermento Sagres is your place. Let me share a bit of their story – driven by a love for gastronomy, four friends hailing from Italy came together to create Fermento. Meet the trio of chefs – Ilaria, Gianluca, and Alberto – along with the talented sommelier Cinzia Ziliati. They once worked in a Michelin-starred restaurant in their homeland and, seeking a change, embarked on a journey that led them to Sagres seven years ago.

  • A Tasca: Where Charm Meets Flavor


So, There you have it – my top picks for an epic evening in Sagres, designed with couples who love to surf or holiday together in mind. And make sure to swing by The Hangout for the full experience. Whether you're a duo of surf enthusiasts or holiday romantics, these spots are primed to make your Sagres nights unforgettable. Your journey into Sagres' romantic culinary world starts right here. Ready for a taste of romance? To book a romantic photoshoot in Sagres get in touch with me

Extra Info to Spice Things Up:

Top Spots:

  • Carlos

  • A Tasca

  • Retiro do Pescador

  • Escondidinho

  • Adega dos Arcos

Vegan Vibes:

  • Three Little Birds burgers

  • Laundry Lounge Asian

  • Pic Nic

  • Pisco Vegan Vegan

Special Mentions:

  • Fermento: All-Italian, top-tier gourmet stuff!

  • Sitio da Pedralva: A bit out there but totally worth the drive. Try their “bacalhau no Pau” – cod-filled homemade bread. It's life-changing.

  • Alice: Killer Italian ice cream shop.

So, dive into the romantic Sagres vibe – good food, good love, good times, and I wait to shoot your proposal or romantic engagement! 🌊💑🌅



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