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I never had a clue about what to do but I always desired to work with no schedule close to the waves in the surf zone. Few days after I arrived in The Algarve  10 years ago I was with no job, passing time taking photos around, one of these days I noticed some people taking a surf lesson so I decided to take some shots, when the lesson was finished I approached them and showed the photos just because I wanted to socialise and guess what....

They proposed me to buy the folders for some good money, I was like wooooh no way just pay me a beer and you can have them all, but they insisted and at the end after few beers and some funny conversation I accepted the money and left the beach with a smile on my face and a sense of happiness. 
My inspiration came the day after when I started thinking again about finding a job, I said maybe I can go back there and try with new people, In no time I agreed with some surf schools that I would have been their freelance surf photographer and I found my self being the happiest person on earth,  . 

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Massimo Pardini Photography

Rua da botelha Casa Guadalupe


Sagres, Portugal

Tel: +351927557423

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